Have you ever walked past a garden of flowers and stopped to take a ton of pictures? How about driving past a field of sunflowers or poppies and stopping quickly (and safely) by the side of the road, spending an hour just photographing?  And the city you live in.  Do you wander the streets photographing the architecture, the people, the sights?  Do you wander around while traveling and take pictures of the locals, or the architecture, or a dog on the corner, or horses in the field?  That’s what I do.  I wander the world with my camera.  

Once you have all these wonderful pictures, what do you do with them?  As a travel photographer, a fine art photographer, and a painter, I have been inspired to translate these images and passions into textiles. I am proud to share the collection with you. Browse through all the categories and ENJOY!

Patricia Gilman